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Survival Guide For Summer

Ideas and strategies to help your child remain calm during a plane and/or car ride.

Before the plane/car ride:

Wear an Underarmor or compression shirt



Pushing or pulling heavy objects (such as a suitcase)

During the plane/car ride:

Eat crunchy and chewy snacks (fruit leather, fruit snacks, granola, crackers, etc.)

Wear a weighted blanket or a blanket that you can wrap your child up snuggly in

Use a weighted shoulder snake

Use a lap pad

Use a camping pillow to blow up and sit on to get his “wiggles” out

Take different textured fabrics to manipulate in his hands (cotton, silk, corduroy, felt)



DVD player

Favorite stuffed animal

Crayons and activity books

Good luck on your summer travels from SPOTS!

Written by:

Savannah Thompson, MOTR

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