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Suggs Pediatric Outpatient Therapy Services

Developing Sensory & Motor Skills Through Play


Physical Therapy Treatment

Physical therapists help individuals restore or develop functional skills through strengthening, range of motion, coordination, balance activities, and gait training. At SPOTS, a sensorimotor and neurodevelopmental approach will be incorporated to address the whole child and their individual needs. Our Physical therapists are licensed by the Board of Texas Physical Therapy Association. Our services are provided in our state-of-the-art, fully equipped sensory motor gym located at Hillcrest and LBJ freeway or our satellite sensory motor gym located at Oak Hill Academy. Your child will love developing their skills in these fun, supportive, and enriching environments.

Our therapy sessions are 1-hour standing appointments. Therapy consists of 50 minutes of direct one-on-one treatment time with 10 minutes of parent education and feedback. A variety of treatment techniques will be utilized in order to address the areas identified on the initial evaluation and by the goals set by the parent and therapist, as well as overall functional performance. Areas that may be addressed include: Fine motor skills, gross motor skills, postural control, sensory processing skills, reflex integration, praxis, self-help skills, visual perceptual and visual motor skills, handwriting, social skills, coping skills, self-concept and behavior.

Parent education

In conjunction with therapy, ongoing parent education is important in order to provide consistency between treatment sessions. This service is provided at no additional cost in order to support our families and help facilitate optimal collaboration between the parents and therapists. We spend time at the end of each session discussing progress, concerns and home program ideas. Oak Hill Academy and The Winston School parents are contacted and a method of communication is agreed upon, whether it is by e-mail, phone conferences, or written notes. In addition, parent conferences are included in the cost of the initial evaluation and is crucial for parent education and effective treatment planning. Parents may also request a parent conference at any time during the treatment course for a small fee.

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