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Developing Sensory & Motor Skills Through Play


What to expect at your evaluation

Our comprehensive new patient evaluations begin with an intake questionnaire completed by the parents in order to identify the areas of concern. This gives us the ability to individualize the assessment process and choose the most appropriate standardized evaluation tools.

In addition to these standardized assessments, clinical observations will provide further information regarding your child’s functional performance. Areas that may be evaluated include: Fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual perception, motor coordination, postural strength, sensory processing skills, reflex integration, self-help skills, visual tracking, handwriting, and feeding challenges.

Our physical therapists are also able to address any concerns regarding gross motor skills, coordination, balance, gait, the need for orthotics, or the treatment of torticollis. Our Physical and Occupational therapists work together to enhance your child’s therapeutic experience and promote functional gains.

The evaluation typically takes one to one and a half hours. Based on our experience, we are usually able to get the most accurate information and picture of overall functional performance of a child if the parent is not present in the testing room for the evaluation.

Our therapists are experienced at presenting the testing items in a playful manner in order to make your child feel comfortable during the evaluation. If, however, you feel that your child will have difficulty separating, you are welcome to be present for the evaluation, but we ask that you limit interactions with your child.

Following the evaluation, a full written report will be provided, which covers the standardized data as well as clinical observations, background information, assessment and recommendations. A one-hour parent conference will then be scheduled in order to explain the results and answer any questions about the recommendations and treatment. The treating therapist will then work with the parents to develop treatment goals based on the assessment.

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