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Developing Sensory & Motor Skills Through Play


About Us

Our Mission

At SPOTS, our mission is to help children develop the sensory and motor skills necessary for successful performance in everyday, functional tasks such as play, social interactions, self-help skills, and school performance. SPOTS provides individualized Occupational and Physical therapy services specifically targeted to each child’s needs as identified by a comprehensive evaluation and parent input. We are passionate about children and believe that each child deserves to develop their full potential. SPOTS is a fun, family centered environment where your child will feel safe and supported in order to meet new challenges and build confidence with treatment presented in the form of “play”.


SPOTS is a fun, welcoming environment where play comes alive for children. Your child will look forward to their therapy sessions. The sensory-motor gyms are set up to facilitate play-based interventions and achieve individual therapy goals in a fun, supportive, and enriching environment.

Spots Main Clinc

SPOTS – Main Clinic
12810 Hillcrest Road, Suite B-100
Dallas, TX 75230

The SPOTS main clinic is a state-of-the-art, fully equipped sensory motor gym located in the heart of Dallas at Hillcrest and LBJ freeway. It is a 1,800 square foot space that includes a family friendly waiting room, an evaluation and fine motor room and a large sensory motor gym. The large sensory gym has numerous attachments for suspended swings and equipment. There is even a rock wall, ladder and slide!

Other equipment includes large safety mats, crash pads, a trampoline, balls, games and art and writing supplies. The environment can be transformed to build suspended obstacle courses or individually based interventions. Whether your child needs a quiet space for concentrating, multiple sensory opportunities for play-based activities, or interaction with peers in a safe one-on-one setting, SPOTS can accommodate your child.

In summer of 2013, we also launched an additional sensory gym, which is located across the hall from the main gym. With a little over 900 square feet, this space allows for a quiet area to conduct assessments, summer camps, small group activities and Interactive Metronome. It also allows for a calming space for patients when they need a less stimulating environment.

Spots- Oak Hill Academy

SPOTS – Oak Hill Academy
9407 Midway Road
Dallas, TX 75220

The SPOTS satellite clinic at Oak Hill Academy is a sensory-motor gym comprised of multiple attachments for suspended equipment, safety mats, crash pads, a trampoline, balls, games, and art and writing supplies. It too, can accommodate suspended obstacle courses and is equipped with two fine motor areas. If your child is a student of Oak Hill Academy, treatment can be arranged during their school day, based on input from the parent, teacher, and therapist.

Company History

SPOTS was founded by Kim Solari, OTR, SIPT certified in 1995. SPOTS has been developed in the Dallas area over the past 22 years and has become known as the premier Occupational and Physical therapy provider in the area. The main clinic is located in the heart of Dallas at Hillcrest and LBJ freeway. In 2001, SPOTS added a satellite clinic at Oak Hill Academy in order to provide clinical therapy services to the students during their school day.

SPOTS has spent the last 22 years developing its family of therapists. Jennifer Suggs, MOT, OTR, SIPT certified, purchased the practice from Kim in July of 2010. Jennifer has practiced Occupational therapy since 1998 and has worked at SPOTS since 1999. She was SIPT certified in 2001. Jennifer has experience in the hospital setting, school based setting, and pediatric private practice. Kim and Jennifer have worked closely together to ensure a smooth transition. Jennifer is committed to maintaining the same level of service to the children, parents and professionals that SPOTS has always strived for. In 2011, SPOTS also added another satellite clinic at The Winston School where clinical therapy services, as well as motor lab are available during school.

Insurance Accepted

In order to provide more accessible therapy services for our children, SPOTS accepts several major insurance plans on an in-network basis. We will call to verify your benefits, file the insurance claims and bill you for the remainder of the balance. We will also bill out-of-network plans for your convenience. Every effort is made to obtain accurate insurance benefits before the initial evaluation. In addition, we will work with your insurance company to resolve any claim issues that may arise, including providing needed documentation, tracking used benefits, and working to dispute any discrepancies. However, final payment is fee-for-service if your insurance begins to deny claims. It is the parent’s responsibility to make payment for services rendered. We are in-network with the following insurance companies: